Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov "Yellow Shed"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov

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Krymov’s painting “The Yellow Shed” was painted in the spirit of impressionism. In the center of the picture is a bright spot - a yellow barn. From the shade of the surrounding trees, the shed is cast with a redhead. The roof of the building is lush green. A small yellow path is trampled to the barn, which actively stands out against the background of a bright green, juicy meadow.

The barn has no windows, its door is open. The barn is already quite old, has long lost its original yellow color, the paint peeled off and exposed the perishable wood. Near the door is the owner of the barn. He leaned on the door and watched the horse, which he led out to graze from the barn. He is not richly dressed - a simple white shirt, loose trousers and a dark hat on his head. An expression of joy and pleasure is clearly visible on the man’s face. He looks at the horse with interest.

The animal is barely visible among the dark shrubs. The horse is not young, most likely very tired. She reluctantly plucks the grass, being in a static position.

The barn is surrounded by sprawling trees and dense shrubs. It seems that the barn stands in the middle of the forest. Behind the barn a small clean pond is visible, trees are reflected in its clear water.

Behind the barn is the house of the owner of the horse. It is small, painted with white paint. And around - a lot of huge birches. In the distance you can see a dense forest, the rays of the sun illuminate the tops of large trees.

The picture carries a deep meaning. The viewer understands that the artist wanted to convey to him. The joys of ordinary people in the small. The barn and the house are located in the middle of the forest, and life in such conditions is not easy. But the man is pleased with what he has. He is glad to see his only horse alive and healthy, glad that she can still help him with the farm. He enjoys the good weather and beautiful nature. This humble, simple peasant is glad of the life he has, and does not require more.

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