Description of the painting Maurits Escher "Belvedere"

Description of the painting Maurits Escher

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The twentieth century presented the viewer with many novelties in various fields of art, the idea of ​​painting, how to write and which plot to choose for this changed. There is such a direction in painting as surrealism, which the famous Dutch artist - Mauritsa Escher follows. One of his most unusual paintings can rightfully be considered the Belvedere. What is a Belvedere? This is a beautiful architectural structure, designed to look at the surroundings from its height. But for Escher, the Belvedere is completely different; it does not at all resemble those buildings that viewers are accustomed to seeing, it is completely different. Which one?

In the foreground of the picture is a drawing of a cube, which the young man thoughtfully considers, holding the exact same cube in his hands. The whole secret lies in the fact that the cube is of completely irregular shape and proportions, therefore, based on the laws of logic, it should not exist. The guy is sitting on a bench, and he does not care at all, neither to the Belvedere behind him, nor to the couple walking up the stairs, nor to the prisoner, whom no one pays any attention to.

An unusual couple rises up, not even suspecting that having entered the stairs, they will again find themselves in the open air and the process will have to be repeated.

Another person froze on the stairs, which in a properly constructed building, should lead to the second floor, but actually froze in the air. And it is completely incomprehensible to become either how this person got there, or how other people got there, for example a girl who looks, as it should be in the distance.

From the point of view of an ordinary person who does not understand art and painting, the Belvedere painting seems absurd, but its advantage is that by looking at the canvas, everyone can think up the remaining details, complementing the picture according to their taste and understanding. Being created back in the middle of the last century in 1958, the Belvedere, like the Square, Malevich is one of the insoluble mysteries in art.

Danae Gustav Klimt

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