Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev "Wet meadow"

Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev

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Fedor Vasiliev gained recognition and popularity in wide and narrow circles during his lifetime. The landscapes of the author attract with their wisdom and greatness of nature.

A feature of the work of Fyodor Alexandrovich Vasiliev is to see magic and mystery, power and modesty in an unremarkable landscape. Vasiliev’s mastery was revealed precisely at those moments when, depicting an ordinary spring meadow, he could convey the fullness of the emerging life.

In the painting "Wet Meadow", the author reveals all the charm and charm of youth. The canvas is replete with bright green shades, thereby conveying all the liveliness and charm of spring foliage and flowering. Recent rain has nourished the meadow with life-giving moisture and now it will shine even brighter. After all, nature is never so vibrant and beautiful as during the period of spring and active growth.

Vasiliev paid special attention to the image of the sky after rain. For the artist, the sky is almost the main element of most of his landscapes.

Heavenly space is as if divided into two sections: on one side the clouds are illuminated by the sun, and the other part of the sky is still filled with purple cumulus clouds. Not a clear reflection of the clouds can be seen in the water in the meadow, so the clouds are present both in the sky and on the earth. This technique is often used to give integrity to different parts of the picture. The merging of the sunny and cloudy sides allows not only to reflect the variability of spring weather, but also to emphasize the opposition of heat and cold.

The picture traces the dynamism of development. Looking at the landscape, it seems as if now the clouds will move, and the young meadow will stir from the gusts of fresh spring breeze.

Vasiliev always very subtly felt the course of life in its small, everyday manifestations. That is why his work is distinguished by the presence of deep meanings hidden in everyday life.

There were enough people who wished to purchase the painting, but all of them were outstripped by the famous collector Pavel Tretyakov, who bought the painting before the exhibition.

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