Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Autumn in Abramtsevo”

Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Autumn in Abramtsevo”

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V.D. He was one of the first who began to paint landscapes in the open air - what is commonly called an open-air today. His creations in this genre are similar to poetic works, glorifying the beauty of the native and so beloved Polenov nature.

The painting “Autumn in Abramtsevo”, painted with oil paints on a large canvas, became one of Polenov’s first masterpieces in the spirit of a large-style landscape, as well as the so-called "Clean" landscape, i.e. devoid of any household details, which was characteristic of an earlier period of the artist.

Autumn in Abramtsevo depicts Polenov’s favorite time of the year, to which he devoted a number of his creations. In this picture, the artist showed us the backwater of Vori - a small river in the Moscow Region flowing between a dense forest. This is a reserved corner of pristine and beautiful Russian nature. The forest froze before us with a majestic impenetrable wall. Yellowed birches and aspen trees report that autumn, the very time that miraculously transforms the modest nature of this region, has already taken over.

However, a closer look reveals some glimpses of summer, which have not yet faded its colors, which, coupled with a fine sunny day, creates a particularly joyful and even festive mood when looking at this picture. At the same time, this creation of Polenov also has deep thoughts, he breathes harmony and peace from him. It is not the first time in his work that Polenov skillfully displays such opposing moods on this canvas in a combination of a dense forest and sonorous colors of autumn, pacification and glee. In addition to birches, you can also see firs in the picture, with their fluffy paws as if rushing into the sky.

The dark, cool waters of the river, in which the trees are reflected, seem to stop their run for a moment, in order to let us enjoy the silence and silence. On the river bank there is a lush and soft yellow-green carpet. The whole picture is filled with the admired worship of Polenov before the beauty of Russian nature. Her image on this canvas is addressed to the viewer, it is detailed and wide, like the very soul of a Russian person.

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