Description of Zinaida Serebryakova's painting Self-Portrait

Description of Zinaida Serebryakova's painting Self-Portrait

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The painting was created in the winter of 1909 in a small estate Neskuchnoe. The artist Zinaida Serebryakova was then 25 years old. She was waiting for her husband, who was going to call for her and the children, returning from Northern Siberia.

They planned to celebrate Christmas in St. Petersburg. That morning was dazzlingly sunny and frosty. A happy young woman woke up in a sunlit room, got up and, going to the mirror, simply smiled at her sweet reflection, started combing her hair.

A simple story, lovely female knick-knacks on a table in front of a mirror frame - bottles, knitting needles, a candle reflected in the mirror, a simple interior of a rustic room behind. A slender, beautiful, barely covered female body, coquettishly lowered from the left shoulder to a nightgown strap, a silver bracelet on the wrist of her right hand, which holds fluffy, long, dark hair. In the left hand is a comb. The picture is full of sunlight and clean air.

The look of black, mischievous, happy eyes attracts attention, is the dominant accent of the picture. I want to look long and intently into these beautiful eyes, so lively, filled with the joy of life, the energy of youth and deep soulfulness. In a raised bend of black eyebrows, in a half smile of bright, rich lips, in a playful turn of the head, simple human happiness is read, for which not so much is needed.

"Self-portrait" is now an exhibit of the Tretyakov Gallery, and for Zinaida Evgenievna herself, she remained a memory of those amazing days filled with a genuine feeling that have irrevocably gone into the past. After only 10 years, Serebryakova, having buried her husband, will raise four children herself, take care of her sick mother, but she will not stop creating. Her paintings amaze with the depth of inner meaning and the freshness of external charm. The best is considered to be the Self-Portrait of the artist.

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