Description of the painting Efim Volkov “October”

Description of the painting Efim Volkov “October”

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Efim Volkov in 1883 painted the picture "October". The artist worked on the canvas at the Siverskaya station, which is located near St. Petersburg. There, the painter had his own cottage, where the famous canvas was created.

Then this creation was exhibited at the XI Traveling Exhibition. Making a review of the exhibition, V. Stasov wrote that among the many works of landscape painters, the picture “October” was presented to him as the most remarkable. He recognized her as one of Volkov’s best, if not general, best things. So well and in relief he painted the skinny trees already bare in the fall. He drew attention to the “perspective through a rare forest”, and to the autumn light.

This picture very subtly conveys the lyrics of autumn, it perfectly combines the near plans with the distant, the main color scheme is perfectly maintained. In the foreground of the picture is a young birch grove, which was painted with great care. The artist managed to make expressive both the fragile trunks of birch trees and brown soil, covered with autumn foliage.

By conveying the theme of autumn leaf fall, the artist achieves great expressiveness and strength. In the image of leaves, E. Volkov is almost close to plein air painting: he so subtly feels the poetry of the wilting beauty of nature. He depicted the rays of the departing sun falling on the foliage: in their cold lighting, a multi-colored carpet of leaves seemed to be spread out under the trees. The winding ribbon of the river reflects the chilled gray autumn sky. Only a lonely figure of an old woman carrying a knapsack behind her can be seen on the path along the riverbank. Autumn in nature is in harmony with the autumn life of an elderly woman. And this so enhances the feeling of summer leaving and the onset of winter.

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