Description of the painting Vasily Surikov “Boyar Morozova”

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov “Boyar Morozova”

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The painting of V. Surikov “Boyar Morozov” is famous for its gigantic size and was painted by the artist in 1887, depicting a scene from the period of church schism in the 17th century. The plot was written, recalling his childhood spent in Siberia, where there is cold and severe frosts. On this canvas, Surikov presented the victorious image of an unbroken woman taking to prison.

In the center of the picture is visible a noblewoman, richly dressed, in a fur coat of velvet, which rides on a sleigh-sledge.

Her facial features are severe and bloodless, her feverish gleam in her eyes shows the severity of his position. She is shackled, and her hands are tied with a chain. Shouting the words of farewell to a crowd of people with her hand raised up, she shows how madly she is faithful to her faith and will not sell it for anything, and the people sympathize with her and experience her tragedy. Some bow to her, and some in the crowd consider her crazy.

Dressed poorly and dirty, holy fool, escorts a woman with pity. Playing on the contrast of different fates, the artist depicted a crowd of shod and dressed townspeople, dressed in a wretched and dirty robe of a holy fool, who escorted the noblewoman on her last journey. Among the characters in the picture, the artist portrayed himself in the role of a wanderer, wandering around villages and cities.

On the right near Morozova her seeing off sister, covered with a white scarf with embroidery, inspired to repeat a similar act. There are a lot of Russian people in the picture, among whom are dissatisfied and sympathizing with her act, maliciously laughing at her next. The sensation of nature is remarkably expressed: a deep trace left by runners on loose snow, a wet winter day, dirty snow.

The artist presented this picture with the humiliated schismatic boyar Morozova in a victorious image of an unbroken woman, allowing the viewer to feel the whole tragedy of this action, to feel that difficult fate of the Russian deeply believing people.

The painting was purchased for 25 thousand rubles in 1887, where it is now.

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