Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of A. P. Struyskaya”

Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of A. P. Struyskaya”

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The second wife of the landowner N.E. Struysky is depicted on the canvas. Young lady, about eighteen. The work appeared in 1772.

For Rokotov, this woman became the embodiment of all the positive female qualities, because for the author she became the perfect model, because she was “smart and pretty, and she’s cunning and polite.”

Her image contains delicate facial features, freshness and youth, such an immaculate tenderness. A childishly charming face, healthy glowing skin, light blush, puffy lips and a long neck, neatly gathered hair at the back of the head in a high ash-colored hairstyle, soft and innocent facial features took away the breath from many admirers of true female beauty.

Beautifully framing the décolleté zone, the author emphasized her ability to present herself, to show her delicate and elegant taste in clothing. By the way the girl behaves, how she holds her posture and proudly sticks her chest forward, we can say that this person is full of self-esteem and knows "her worth." At the same time, the figure is light and elegant. Her proud posture speaks of her present noble position, which she carries with honor.

The eyes that became the most attractive to the image of the landowner's wife, a young beauty. In the picture, this is the darkest element. Almost black eyes become the central object in the picture. From the very beginning, attracting a viewer and not giving him the opportunity to focus on something else. Coquetry and thoughts about the future ahead settled in them.

In the look there is tenderness and care, at the same time, and genuine sadness and longing for the passing time and youth. However, she proudly and honorably accepts her fate. Many researchers of Rokotov’s work noted that it was the look of the young and beautiful person that left the artist with a sea of ​​emotions and admiration.

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