Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Bayan"

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov

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One of the artist’s last masterpieces, work on which was taking place in an alarming atmosphere - at that time, the time of the “Balkan wars”, where the descendants of the Vasnetsov Slavic heroes fought against each other, it became obvious that Russia was soon facing a great war.

Hence the plot and the multicolor palette of the painting, disturbing with combinations of colors. Sunset dusk, Russian soldiers are moving out of the woods onto a field in which, obviously, they will have a decisive battle in the morning. Decisive - because otherwise the prince would not have taken with him a young heir: judging by the children's shirt (without fasteners!), Visible from beneath the "adult" caftan, the son of the leader of Russian soldiers is about seven years old, the age at which a child is only in Russia In exceptional cases, it was transferred from the custody of the mother to the education of his father.

Yes, everything in the picture speaks of the upcoming decisive battle - the clean clothes of the Prince and his two, apparently the governor, the alarm on their faces, the military, and not ceremonial, weapons of the soldiers who all arrive. Adds anxiety and skillfully "caught" by the artist's wind (the beard of the narrator develops, the clothes of the dead listeners), and the reflection of the outgoing day skillfully laid by Vasnetsov on the landscape.

The painting, executed in red-gray tones - despite the fact that almost all its characters, except for Bayan’s canvas, which was not located in the center at all, is static - thanks to these colors, it cries out about the imminent danger, anxiety and decisiveness with which the Russians are waiting for tomorrow’s battle people. But not everything is so gloomy, the symbol of life - a few green twigs on the side of the hill protected from the wind - are intended to give the viewer hope. And the bold compositional solution (innovative for those years), the placement of the hero of the picture, Bayan himself, inspiring warriors, almost in the right corner, allows us to see determination, replacing anxiety, on the faces of warriors in the foreground.

The storyteller himself, the keeper of the people's memory, the wise adviser and poet (all these qualities are attributed to button accordions by the Russian epic tradition) is putting forth all his strength. It would seem - why ?! After all, his function before the battle, usually, only to encourage the squad, to advise the prince. But, apparently, a really fateful battle awaits in the morning - and Bayan clearly reminds his listeners of the stamina of the Russian Land, perhaps also of the tragic defeats, after which these Russian soldiers, who are now listening to him, still continued the hopeless battle, it would seem, and turned the defeats into a final Victory.

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