Description of the painting by Marc Chagall "Above the city"

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall

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In this picture, the author is looking for ways through which he tries to break through to the viewer and bring his vision of the world to people. This painting depicts the artist and his wife Bella. They fly over Vitebsk, over their hometown. Behind them are rickety houses and half-darkness.

In his work, Chagall always sought to show a person how little time he had, and he wasted it. in addition, the concept of time laid the concept of human memories and emotions experienced, about what a person wants, what he aspires to and what he thinks about.

On this canvas, the artist did not try to detail images and objects, he just tried to immerse us in a waking dream. Into the world of magical memories and dreams, in which we are where we want to be and do what we want. There is no connection in the picture, however, everyone who sees it will not pass by without appreciating the purpose and style.

No physical framework is unknown to the author, so his paintings are full of allogicity and irrationality. Therefore, the protagonists of the picture are arranged so that they do not obey logic and physical laws. And what surrounds them is just ordinary and memories that will always go alongside. These souls soaring in the sky are graceful and graceful, tremulous in their romantic world.

Everything emphasizes their intimacy and feelings. These are people in love and independent of everyday life, without vice and greed, only in their ideal idea of ​​the environment. The little things are very accurate, this is noticeable in Bella’s appearance, in her shoes and elegant dress, in her loving eyes and the floating city, an indication that everything below does not concern them and worldly life will wait a bit.

In flight, they do not pay attention to anything, they are not bothered by the cool air and the slightly darkened city, they are on their own. They are one in their impulse of love.

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