Description of Van Man's painting “Relocation of Jichuan”

Description of Van Man's painting “Relocation of Jichuan”

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The artist we are learning about now had his own characteristics. Each great master is distinguished by its zest. Wang Meng stood out for his ability to portray landscapes.

In this genre, he was inimitable. Grandfather and uncle left an imprint in the artist's genes. Also, the old masters influenced the consciousness of the genius of art. Maine tried to imitate the good examples that he knew and admired.

The writing style of the master’s works cannot be called realistic. Some researchers consider his creations to be expressionistic. On his canvases quite often the surface of the mountains was distorted, for example, which is a kind of drama. This distortion gives the mountains a look of tension and the effect of vibration.

Wang Meng seemed to want to arouse a moment of expectation from the audience, after which there was frustration. He instantly and decisively broke all human expectations. He achieved this result through the use of light and shadows, which are unnatural.

The Maine space deliberately distorted and warped. The master plunged the entire surface of the earth into destabilization. The volume of the canvases is very rich, due to the forms, which are densely overlapping each other. Smears visually curled gave the picture a look of restlessness. This reflected the essence of the creator of the picture, his nervous energy.

The artist instills hope in people after death. This is the main idea of ​​the picture.

So, the picture of the relocation of Zhichuan is distinguished by the originality of its creator. Like every master, he put all his heart and soul into it. If you value the world of beauty and art, the world of originality and unusual works, take the time to review this picture.

Undoubtedly, you will discover some more riddles and secrets contained in this work. Maybe you can read the work in the language of her master. It’s worth a try. Worlds of fantasy and art are on the same plane.

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