Description of the painting by William Blake the Great Architect

Description of the painting by William Blake the Great Architect

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This painting belongs to the genre of surrealism and was painted by the artist in 1794.

The painting "The Great Architect" expresses a bright gamut of Blake's religious feelings - this painter was one of the supporters of the theory of creationism.

The mysterious picture belonging to the English mystic poet, like all his creations, was first forgotten, but now it causes a lot of speculation, it is analyzed and interpreted. This painting is stored in the British Museum.

In this work of art, the unusual image that the artist uses to interpret his design is most striking. And this picture is called "The Ancient of Days", which literally translated from English means "Ancient of Days." These words denoted the name of God in various world religions.

The main character of this picture is God, and he is depicted at the time of creation, he does not establish order, but limits the freedom and limits of the imagination.

Religion and faith, the laws and order that they establish were always present in the work of this poet, they were the subject of his thoughts.

And in this picture, Blake touched religion. Most of the features in this picture are from the Old Testament Yahweh. The decrepit days is immortal. Most often, this name in the world of Christians is associated with God the Father, but sometimes God the son was also designated by this name.

The shabby days of Blake is not traditional for orthodox Christians. The artist depicted him against the background of the Sun, forcing to recall the pagan gods-demiurges, he is focused, and his facial features show anger.

In addition to the Old Testament Yahweh, this image is also associated with the demiurge of the Gnostics. But to understand this becomes more difficult due to the statements of Blake himself: "All religions are the same." Apparently, he wanted to say that all of them are a manifestation of the best qualities of a person. Maybe that's why the Ancient of Days depicted in his picture creates with his left hand for a reason.

But the most likely is that in this picture, Blake depicted Urizen, whom Blake himself invented, it was the fruit of his own mythological imagination. He often described or depicted Urizen in the image of an old man with white hair, sometimes he had the tools of an architect: Urizen is the creator of the world. This is also evidenced by the translation of the name of the painting into Russian: it is better known in our country under the name "The Great Architect".

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